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January 25, 2022

Starting my voyage with Mooncake AI

Starting my own company must be the most exciting thing I've done in my career so far. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs (both of my parents ran their own pharmacy), I've always envisioned myself one day becoming my own boss. And now the time is there: I've officially set my first steps into the entrepreneurial life.

Here are the three main reasons why I think now is the right time to do so:

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January 5, 2022

User-centered AI - Part 1

Data science has a problem: A recent study by Venturebeat implied that 87% of AI projects don’t make it to production*.

There are multiple root causes we can identify that result in this high number of failures, but before we go into them, I think that at its core, it has to do with a misunderstanding between the (business) people using the data product, and the (technical) people creating it. End users of data products often have little to no technical knowledge of the products they work with.

Have you ever experienced that the data solution you worked on:

  • wasn’t valued or adopted by the business?
  • ...
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January 14, 2022

user-centered AI - Part 2

My recent blog was about acknowledging the difference in perspectives between the end users of your data product and the data team developing said product.

Today I want to discuss how to take this realization and use it to improve the quality, trustworthiness, impact, and adoption of your data products.

For wouldn’t it be amazing if users and stakeholders felt that the data products you develop are game changers? Yes, yes it would. Now let’s make sure they do.


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January 23, 2022

User-centered AI - Part 3

In the past two blogs I described:

  • the differences between the day-to-day environment and experience of the people who will use an AI product and the people who develop that data product
  • how human-centered design, as an approach to AI design and development, can help increase the value and impact of AI products for your users by taking said differences into account

Today's blog is the third and last in this series. It aims to dive a little deeper into the user research you might want to engage in to succeed in developing user-friendly, value-creating, impactful AI products.

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